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Our team service all kinds of gardens across Cairns including:

➢    Tropical gardens

➢    Coastal gardens

➢    Large established properties

➢    Rooftop and balcony gardens

➢    Courtyards

➢    Lawns and golfing greens

➢    Plants and green spaces in hotels and commercial spaces


At Designer Garden Maintenance you can rest assured that your outdoor space is in the hands of skilled artisans who are committed providing you the lifestyle you desire.

➢    Use of passive design principles that work well with the local climatic conditions

➢    Use of plants that offer a high-quality aesthetic and support increased ecological activity

➢    Expertise in native plants, humidity tolerant plants and exotic species.

➢    Design skills and experience in keeping with the tropical surroundings

➢    We can tailor to specific intents such as attracting more birds to the garden

➢    Increase your usable outdoor space, soften edges, create natural division of spaces using plants and landscaping techniques

➢    Provide extra shade and family safe outdoor areas

➢    Increase the visual interest and harmonious qualities of your garden

➢    Cultivate plants and spaces to provide physical protection from the elements

➢    Implement low maintenance solutions

➢    Prioritize the minimization of environmental impact

➢    Plan and carry out rehabilitation and re-vegetation

➢    Seasonal tips for creating and maintaining the best garden possible.

From detailed garden consultations and maintenance advice for DIY gardeners to comprehensive services for our less hands-on clients, we can match our services to your needs and create the lifestyle you crave.

Please contact us on (07) 4229 9607 to discuss your outdoor solution.

Cairns Garden Services
Cairns Garden
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Cairns Gardener Service

At Designer Garden Maintenance our skilled horticulturists have an intimate understanding of the local conditions. Tropical climates require special expertise. The temperature in Cairns creates different growth responses to that of cooler areas. Our warm humid climate brings with it challenges of pests and diseases.

Rest assured, our team are experts in this area and can ensure your plants, soil and other outdoor aspects remain resistant to pests and bloom heartily. Warm climates also come with a tendency for environmental weeds that can threaten native varieties.  Our passionate and expert staff can monitor and actively manage this for you.

While some plants may be low-maintenance and most landscapers aim to use area-compatible varieties these days, all plants will require some aftercare, especially as they are becoming established. It is normal for newly planted plants to show signs of stress for up to a few weeks, including, wilting, yellowing, and loss of leaves. Our expert staff understand the needs of your plants’ root to tip and can quickly diagnose and remedy any difficulties. Difference in plant growth and uptake in the garden can throw off designs where the shape and size of the plant are featured.

The Designer Garden Maintenance team can manage every component of your garden from the health of new transplants to maintaining the artistic intent through the management of plant size, shape, and spacing. Whether you’ve just invested in a newly landscaped space, or landscaping the area is a distant memory, the team at Designer Garden Maintenance can accommodate your requirements and ensure you have an attractive, functional and thriving outdoor space.

After a thorough initial assessment by our experts, your landscaping program is regularly reviewed and adapted according to the developing requirements of your living space. A tailor-made landscaping aftercare program will ensure you get the most out of your investment.