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Designer Garden Maintenance is a highly regarded garden and landscape maintenance company specialising in high-end domestic and commercial projects across Cairns and the beautiful Far North.

Offering a wide variety of services under the one banner, Designer Garden Maintenance specialises in boutique and themed garden care.

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Garden Maintenance Cairns

At Designer Garden Maintenance, we help you to embrace the beauty of living in the tropics, allowing you to bring the outside in and encourage the inside out. Integrating with our rich natural environment, we offer specialized improvement and maintenance on the natural beauty of your space.

Being Cairns locals, we understand our unique setting and work fearlessly and in synchronicity with the local environment, not allowing the usual inhibitions around wildlife, cyclones and insects to dominate maintenance constraints. Professionals in the art of tropical garden landscape maintenance, we incorporate local, natural, flowing garden design principles to maintain charming outdoor spaces.

Not only do we share a deep appreciation for gardens; we value the individuality of our clients. Combining these passions with a strong sense of place, an intimate knowledge of Cairns and artistic sensibilities is what sets us apart as the very best in the region.

We offer to you gardens that invite you out and compel you to stay because they feel good to be in.

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In Cairns and the far north, the outdoors beckons. Tropical climate, unique flora, and fauna, coastal and rainforest aspects, changing skies and an ever rich tableau of outdoor colours make alfresco living irresistible. Up here, an outdoor haven is just as important as your indoor sanctuary.

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Commercial Gardener

At Designer Garden Maintenance we maintain a clear vision to

  • provide and maintain relevant outdoor living areas
  •  increase the appreciation of, and connection to, this wonder-filled part of the world

Our Goal

… at Designer Garden Maintenance is to integrate house and garden into an inspiring sanctuary, where your outdoor space is an extension of your lifestyle.

The Team

… at Designer Garden Maintenance also understands that living in the Far North makes us part of a unique community, and our services extend to honour this.

We Combine

… design, technical and horticultural expertise for the maintenance of extraordinary outdoor spaces for public parks, restaurants, schools and playgrounds, foreshore areas, hospitals and many other specialized commercial landscapes.

Designer Garden Maintenance brings to life outdoor spaces that compliment the climate and unique lifestyle of Cairns and the surrounding areas.

Your journey through our living spaces should be just as enjoyable as the final destination. Create and maintain an outdoor environment that is more than the periphery of your building with Designer Garden Maintenance.


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Cairns Garden Caretaker

Landscaping Aftercare

  • Did you know that professional landscaping maintenance can add up to 28% to overall home value?

Your garden is an ever-evolving, growing living space. Following initial landscaping, your plants, soils, drainage and other outdoor features require monitoring and care to keep them at optimum health, functionality, and beauty. At Designer Garden Maintenance we believe that your garden is only as good as the care it receives. Our landscaping aftercare programs acknowledge both the owner’s current and future aspirations and plans for the space, as well as the original design.

Designer Garden Maintenance

  • The Return On Investment for designer garden maintenance can be as much as 150%

Your gardens are is the first thing that visitors see and importantly what greets you each day as you return home. A designer garden provides benefits, long and short term, which include; lifestyle, health, return on investment and even a sense of tranquility.

Designer gardens will no doubt increase the value of your property, that is if they are maintained. A designer garden is a substantial investment that demands care and attention to retain its value. A tailored program from the team at Designer Garden Maintenance uses a wealth of experience and knowledge to maintain the garden that is right for your site

Boutique Garden Maintenance

  • A boutique garden is a personal statement, a work of art that says something abut who you are

At Designer Garden Maintenance we understand the labor of love and the depth of expression that goes into creating a boutique garden.

We love seeing people express themselves through the creation of a personalized, meaningful garden. It is our understanding of this process that makes us the perfect choice for maintaining your boutique garden. A boutique garden expresses the spirit of the space and needs to be treated as so. We understand that boutique gardens are much more than a collection of nicely arranged plants and well-designed spaces; they are soulful areas, which promote the well being and happiness of their creators.

Our approach to boutique garden maintenance is to preserve this sacredness through honouring the design and the intention. Forging a meaningful relationship with each client allows us seek their input, and we strive to understand what the space means to them. With all the technical horticultural knowledge required to maintaining the soft and often complex elements of boutique gardens, combined with our passion for beautiful spaces such as this, you can rest assured that the team at Designer Gardens Maintenance will uphold the concept you’ve created and maintain the beautiful potential of your boutique garden.

Themed Garden Maintenance

  • Gardens arranged around a unifying idea are increasing popular as people express their personality through outdoor space.

Our Cairns climate provides the perfect setting for a wide range of thematic choices. Commonly we attend to theme gardens centered around natives, tropical colours, combination shapes as well as the type of visitors people wish to attract, such as butterflies, honeybees or birds. Themed gardens are limited only by imagination (and to some extend the climate).

At Designer Garden Maintenance we understand that themed gardens operate around a set of rules in order to deliver, and our skilled team are able to dispense care in synchronicity with each gardens unique requirements. Our team are experts in ensuring each component of a themed garden is functioning optimally to contribute to the unified purpose.


  • We can also assess your existing garden to draw out any existing incipient themes that could be clarified, and develop a garden maintenance plan to draw them out.

Designer Garden Maintenance have committed staff to suit all your gardening needs. Our passionate expert team are the only choice in Cairns for boutique garden maintenance, call today on (07) 4229 9607 for a complimentary quote and discussion of your needs.

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